The Role of Cannabis Medicine in Offering Patients Optimal Chemical Profiles for their Medical Conditions

The Role of Cannabis Medicine in Offering Patients Optimal Chemical Profiles for their Medical ConditionsIn a recent collaboration, Shimadzu, Cure Pharmaceutical, and CK Sciences have come together to focus on the research and development of safe cannabis-based pharmaceuticals. This partnership aims to utilize advanced equipment and technical support from Shimadzu to develop validated treatments derived from cannabis. The key objective is to understand the chemistry behind the “Entourage Effect” and produce multi-compound drugs that leverage this effect.

The Entourage Effect refers to a specific combination of compounds in cannabis working together to create a desired clinical effect. Unlike isolated compounds, such as single API drugs, the combination of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids derived from the cannabis plant has shown more significant healing potential. However, further research is necessary to elucidate the mechanisms behind these combinatorial treatments.

To overcome regulatory challenges associated with cannabis-based drugs leveraging the Entourage Effect, the collaboration plans to take a botanical, compounding pharmacy approach. This approach involves developing cannabis-derived treatments as compounded medications, which have proven successful in other therapeutic areas. By focusing on this approach, the collaboration believes they have a better chance of navigating regulatory hurdles and bringing effective medicines to patients.

One specific project that this collaboration will focus on is funding four years of research at the Technion Institute in Israel through CannaKids and Cure. Additionally, they are in the process of planning human trials with top hospitals across the US. The ultimate goal is to design products that can be rolled out into the pharmaceutical market and covered by insurance. This would ensure that patients have access to effective treatments for their specific ailments.

For Shimadzu, collaborating with scientists at the forefront of pharmaceutical cannabis research is invaluable. They rely on real-world laboratory analyses and feedback from CK Sciences/Cure to continuously improve their instruments and techniques. By understanding the needs of laboratories entering this market, Shimadzu aims to provide the necessary instrumentation, methods, and support required for success.

Overall, this collaborative agreement represents a significant step forward in the development of safe and effective cannabis-based pharmaceuticals. Through the partnership between Shimadzu, Cure Pharmaceutical, and CK Sciences, researchers will have access to top-of-the-line equipment and technical expertise to unravel the complexities of cannabis chemistry and harness its therapeutic potential.

Dr. Paul Miller, MD

Dr. Miller is committed to finding new and innovative ways to help his patients manage their symptoms and improve their overall quality of life. He has a particular interest in the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis and is passionate about educating both his colleagues and patients on its safe and effective use. He is also committed to continuing his education and staying up-to-date on the latest advances in neurology and cannabis research.

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